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1Aq QalaAvdii160632
2Twitch UnitedSeat Mushani86823
3Maldini Milanahmed saeed86729
4Calcio managerManager85318
6facoundou teamismail84514
7Kolner Teamomar mohammed83722
93La ma tofragmazen8088
10Ares and ErosGoran Resman80321
11Undur undur FCluruN haydfuH80123
12DACATTACK1Dave Cummings78920
13Juvesultan KraljOviAdil7797
14Henry OzilGuzman Wenger77819
16Kiyan FCkiyan77417
17Keis TeamMarek77023
18Inter 808HEKTRO76929
19Zoles FCTabovic76516

all stars

League admin: ahmed
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 98 coins
League rank: 16
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