1Peaky Blinders 2Moustafa9645
2CasteldaccisMichele Carbone10019
3Team for SUSOHIDE11023
4reconquistaJoel Bastos11614
5Ac vnkrlyMister K1103
7latin UnitedJonathan Xu10917
8ibrahem 2016amged10021
10Maltsun MakarooniPepeLaku10910
11Balamito MarcoMarco Gerges8435
12Kobra KaiGabry10113
13Athletic Club ALVarsax8725
14CandlesticksJack Spratt9117
15Real Lazio FCdtesho6517
16Gazirane VevericeShevch6110

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League admin: Administrator
Starting round: 13
Ending round: 38
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 465
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