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1Aq QalaAvdii357259
2Showntus FCPisculichi205851
3Max Allegri FCMusaab salah202646
4Calcio managerManager201253
53La ma tofragmazen200947
6Alex AnwrAnwarntus198248
7Kay ZackIsaac Kay193460
8Juventus Stadium FCdhimiter simo193443
9DACATTACK1Dave Cummings191755
10R o c k s Teamfantastic189435
11Kolner Teamomar mohammed186645
12GUNNERSmoha shawky181154
13Cuore MilanistaRadici Rma180653
14Syrian JuveMohamad Hayek179140
15milan tishreenhaidar178744
16YouwayDel Nerii176636
17Juventini BelitungMilitanJuventus175342
18Sayed StarSayedElmubark174532
19Zoles FCTabovic171830
20the bluesselamat iman budiraharjo170944


League admin: Alejo
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 26
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