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1Aq QalaAvdii259391
2Showntus FCPisculichi141167
3Max Allegri FCMusaab salah140976
4Calcio managerManager135455
5Alex AnwrAnwarntus131566
63La ma tofragmazen131067
7Kolner Teamomar mohammed130461
8R o c k s Teamfantastic128260
9Sayed StarSayedElmubark125561
10DACATTACK1Dave Cummings123247
11Juventus Stadium FCdhimiter simo123051
12YouwayDel Nerii122852
13Kay ZackIsaac Kay122155
14Zoles FCTabovic121258
15GUNNERSmoha shawky120090
16Jebril JuveJebril Hamad119771
17milan tishreenhaidar117270
18Cuore MilanistaRadici Rma117178
19Juventini BelitungMilitanJuventus115554
20alsahafa24Mohammed vidal115459


League admin: Alejo
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 26
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