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1Aq QalaAvdii317929
2Max Allegri FCMusaab salah185427
3Showntus FCPisculichi185323
4Calcio managerManager179330
5Alex AnwrAnwarntus174536
63La ma tofragmazen174224
7Juventus Stadium FCdhimiter simo169326
8Kolner Teamomar mohammed166423
9Kay ZackIsaac Kay165335
10R o c k s Teamfantastic165024
11DACATTACK1Dave Cummings162527
12GUNNERSmoha shawky158234
13Cuore MilanistaRadici Rma157920
14Sayed StarSayedElmubark157525
15milan tishreenhaidar156830
16Syrian JuveMohamad Hayek155421
17YouwayDel Nerii15518
18Zoles FCTabovic153330
19Juventini BelitungMilitanJuventus152122
20Bravo FantasyShinji Bravo148920


League admin: Alejo
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 26
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