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1Anas TigersAnas89348
5FC Tea at 6amWaterfall81348
6ScarlettMario Ferfoglia81240
7Juventus ZagabriaIgor78742
8RavaneliMad Max78148
9roma4everhussein zgheib77555
10Jafar Al-ItalyJafar RossoNeri76855
11Ares fcAmir Ares76256
12My Gunnerstumuruu zagd75749
14ac jousefac jousef75135
15Genard Hajdini ACArd Dallxhiu74935
16EliesaadehElie saadeh74633
17Los PepitosJose Daniel72945
18I Super LupiDaniel M72354
19Fast FeetJerry71342
20Obedience AguObedience Agu71256

Fantasy Série A WC

League admin: Amir Ares
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 29
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