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1Anas TigersAnas138265
3ScarlettMario Ferfoglia128670
4roma4everhussein zgheib127459
7Juventus ZagabriaIgor119857
8RavaneliMad Max119667
9ac jousefac jousef118156
10FC Tea at 6amWaterfall117851
11My Gunnerstumuruu zagd116758
12Genard Hajdini ACArd Dallxhiu116651
13Ares fcAmir Ares116355
14Jafar Al-ItalyJafar RossoNeri116264
15Obedience AguObedience Agu112068
16Los PepitosJose Daniel111870
18I Super LupiDaniel M108562
19A C MilanAncelotti107043
20FC MakaroniDenis z Bohnic105671

Fantasy Série A WC

League admin: Amir Ares
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 29
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