1Athletico AthersAthers145657
2Scores on the DawesOlly Dawes143352
3Schurrle NotDarren Hunter138333
4Chiesa Does ItDaniel Mason137835
5Paul Bejewelled 2VilinskiKonjic127940
6Serie A I barely knoJamie Mohan126737
7Dr Mertens BootsForrest125746
8Birds in the NestaGiovanni Trapattoni123632
9The Parma ViolentsGewgs Gewgson120660
10Lee RossLee Ross120327
11AC NoPirloNoPartyEduardo Sideburnso115428
12Sime Sime MoreAlan Il Ladro108225

Britwres 18-19

League admin: Darren Hunter
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 341
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